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Dr Awatar Singh Sekhon

[Associate Professor (Retired), Medical Microbiology and Immunology, Director (Former), National Centre for
Human Mycotic Diseases CANADA, Managing Editor and Acting Editor in Chief, International Journal of Sikh
Affairs ISSN 1481-5435, The Sikh Educational Trust, Box 60246, University of Alberta Postal Outlet,

The development, growth of political, social and economic fabrics, functioning and survival of any community or
nation is based on the existence of basic human rights or civil liberties. These human rights include the freedom
of speech, justice and trust. When any of these three fundamentals is denied, the peace-loving citizens have
no option but to stand up for their rights or submit to injustices, persecutions and atrocities.

The first lady of the United States, Mrs Hillary Rodham Clinton, said that "freedom means the right of people to
assemble, organize and debate openly. It means respecting the views of those who may disagree with the
views of their government. It means not taking citizens away from their loved ones and jailing them or denying
them their freedom or dignity because of their ideals and opinions. She further said that it is no longer
acceptable to discuss women?s rights as separate from human rights. Her critics acknowledged that Mrs
Clinton hit the ball out of the park (The Globe and Mail, 6th September, 1995).
What Mrs Clinton and the State Department officials have said is applicable to the Sikhs? human rights
violations, religious, economical, social and political persecutions by the Government of India since 15th
August, 1947. This was when the British government partitioned the Sikh nation and gifted away one part to
British Viceroy, Lord Mountbatten?s friend, Jawaharlal Nehru, knowing that the Sikh leader Master Tara Singh
expressed his fears under the Hindu rule and had demanded Khalistan as recorded in the diary of Sir E. Jenkins.
The demand for a sovereign Khalistan or the Sikh nation has been repeated. The demand of Khalistan, or the
Sikhs? struggle for the lost sovereignty and independence, that has been going on ever since the Sikhs?
surrendered to General Gilbert on 14th March, 1849.

The Hindu leadership made hollow promises, that they had no intention of fulfilling, and robbed the Sikhs of
their holyland and historical land, with the following empty words:

" future, the Congress shall accept no constitution which does not meet with the satisfaction of the Sikhs"
-The Lahore session of the Congress Party. December 31, 1929

"...the brave Sikhs of Punjab are entitled to special considerations. I see nothing wrong in an area set up in the
North of India wherein, the Sikhs can also experience the glow of freedom."
-Jawahar Lal Nehru, Lahore Bulletin, January 9, 1930

"I ask you to accept my word and the Resolution of the Congress that it will not betray a single individual much
less a community. Let God be the witness of the bond that binds me and the Congress with you (the Sikhs).
When pressed further Gandhi said that Sikhs would be justified in drawing their swords out of the scabbards as
Guru Gobind Singh had asked them to, if Congress would renege on its commitment." -Mohandas Karamchand
Gandhi (Young India, March 19, 1931)

??In 1940, Dr Vir Singh Bhatti demanded the formation of Khalistan." -Dr Vir Singh Bhatti

"The Sikhs as a community are a lawless people and a menace to the law-abiding Hindu community. The deputy
commissioners should take special measures against them."
-An official circular of the Government of India, October 10, 1947

Since 15th August, 1947, all administrations have been abusing Sikhs? human, social, political rights, along with
state-sponsored pogroms, massacres, genocides, fake-encounters, tortures, inhumane treatments, injustices,
betrayal of promises, desecration of religious institutions and Guru Granth Sahib (the compilation of teachings
of their Spiritual masters or the Eternal Guru), humiliations, brutal military operations and harassment.

On 29th March, 1849, Lord Dalhousie, then Viceroy of the British Empire, proclaimed the annexation of the Sikh
Raj with the British India Company for administration purpose only. The fait accompali tied the Sikh Raj to the
predominantly Hindu India on 15th August, 1947, despite our leadership's protest when the Viceroy, Lord
Mountbatten, threatened the Sikh leadership with "either the Sikhs go with Hindu India or else be prepared for
genocide by the British India army" (Viceroy's Report No. 8, CAB 127/11, XCA 04623 dated May 23, 1947).
Other salient features of our struggle, in addition to our sovereignty and independence, are to fight against the
massive human, economic, religious, political, social rights violations and injustices, taking place in Punjab,
under the occupation of the NDA, and NDA's law-enforcement and armed personnel.

Historically, the hollow promises made to the Sikhs have been as follows:

"In 1942, Master Tara Singh demanded the Azad (sovereign and free) Punjab."

"...Master Tara Singh saw me on his return from Delhi, and seemed really concerned at the approaching
departure of the British. He demanded Khalistan, with transfer of population, or a new state from Jumuna to
Chenab, in which the Sikhs would not be oppressed"
-Sir E. Jenkins (Governor of the Punjab), 15th April, 1946

None of the promises made to the Sikhs by the pre-15th August, 1947 era, by the Hindu leadership have been
kept. "The Sikhs had been thrown to the wolves of Brahminical vintage. For the first time in their history, they
came under the tutelage of Brahminical Hindus" (Singh S 1995 The Sikhs in History, PO Box 453, Hewlett, NY
11557 ISBN 0-9647555-0-5). The Sikhs have been robbed in a broad daylight. During the partition period in
1947, over 10 million Sikhs, Muslims and others were displaced, made homeless and became refugees because
of the decision of the British Raj. Over a million people perished, mainly the Sikhs and Muslims, due to the
anti-Sikh and anti-Muslim policies of M. K. Gandhi and his elite associates like Nehru, Patel, Malviya, etc, (Singh
S). Brahmins in post-1947 era, resumed their offensive against Sikhism, from a position of vantage, with full
state support and renewed vigour, according to Dr Singh (1995). Article 25 of the Indian Constitution, rejected
(before its proclaimation in 1950 and on 6th September, 1966) by the Sikhs' elected representatives in the
parliament, deliberately termed the Sikhs as Hindus, to wipe them out and deliberately change their history,
existence and undermine their Sikh identity (Dilgeer HS and Sekhon AS 1992 The Sikhs' Struggle for
Sovereignty An Historical Perspective (ed) A T Kerr ISBN 0-9695964-0-5; Sekhon AS and Dilgeer HS 1999 A
White Paper On Khalistan (A True Story) The Sikh Nation (ed) A T Kerr ISBN 0-9695964-8-0, The Sikh
Educational Trust, Box 60246, University of Alberta Postal Outlet, Edmonton, AB T6G 2S5, CANADA).

To finish the Sikhs, the Hindu administration waged an undeclared war, by suspending all means of
communications (transport, news media and imposition of a round the clock curfew) in June, 1984, under
"Operation Bluestar." In this brutal military operation, more than 60,000 innocent Sikh infants, youth, male and
female, and the elderly were mercilessly killed, between 1st and 7th June.

Communicating with Gen.Vaidya, in charge of the military operation, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, said to her
general that "I want Bhindranwale dead. I don't give a damn if the whole of Amritsar is destroyed."

The Prime Minister's advisor and Foreign Secretary, M M K Wali said that "We have broken the back of the
Sikhs and we will get them elsewhere." June 7, 1984 (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Radio 740, As It

Since "Operation Bluestar" of June, 1984, the sinister designs of the Indian administrations of New Delhi include
to carry out smear campaigns against the Sikhs living outside Punjab, and to oppress, humiliate, terrorize and
eliminate Sikhs in Punjab:

The NDA and its agencies have killed more than 260,000 Sikhs in Punjab. There have been more than 300 cases
of injustices since a pro-NDA (pro-BJP) Sikh, Prakash Sinh Badal, assumed Punjab's Chief Ministership.

There have been more than 70,000 Sikhs languishing in jails, with no hope of trials, since "Operation Bluestar"
of June, 1984.

An NDA-blessed Punjab police officer, Ajit Singh Sandhu (who supposedly committed suicide) abducted (5th
September, 1995), tortured and killed Sardar Jaswant Singh Khalra (26th October, 1995). Mr Khalra was a
Human Rights Activist of Punjab's ruling Akali Dal, when he compiled a list of 50,000 disappearances and killings
in 'staged encounters' in only the six of the many districts of Punjab. Another list of disappearances of 838
people, was released by Jaswant Singh Khalra and his associate Jaspal Singh Dhillon, after the death of the
former (Interim Report 1999 Enforced Disappearances, Arbitrary Executions and Secret Cremations: Victim
Testimony and India's Human Rights Obligations. Committee for Coordination of Disappearances in Punjab).

A Sikh youth, Harjinder Singh son of Sukhdev Singh, Village Faferke of the district Gurdaspur, Punjab, has been
abducted in early 2000, by the Punjab police. His whereabouts are not known to his family. Quite likely, he has
been tortured and eliminated by the police.

Hindu fundamentalists and hoodlums, with the blessings of the NDA, have killed other non-Hindu minorities (the
Muslims, Muslims of the occupied-Jammu and Kashmir, Christians, Roman Catholic nuns, and clergy), and burned
alive the Christian missionary and his sons (from Australia). Secretive plans are underway to exterminate the
non-Hindu minorities, the Sikhs, Muslims, Christians, Dalits, Adivaasis and others [Charhdikala, July 5 and 12,
2000; International Journal of Sikh Affairs 10(1), 3, 2000; Dhillon GS 2000 RSS Agenda and the Sikhs. Int J Sikh
Affairs 10(1), 1-2. ISSN 1481-5435; Congress of the United States 2000 Int J Sikh Affairs 10(1), 37-45; RSS
Bombs Christian Women's Prayer Meeting by Hon Edolphus Towns, MC; Declare India A Terrorist State by 21
members of the U S Congress; Government Organized Carnage by G. S. Babbar. Int J. Sikh Affairs 10(1), 42,

Speaking before a Congressional Committee, Dr. Mohammad Abdullah Khalid, Chair, Human Rights Centre,
Washington, DC, said that "the praiseworthy are those who find the courage to stand up and speak out against
human rights abuses, atrocities and injustices committed under the rule of the worst kind of tyranny. Brave are
those who are able to look into the eyes of the oppressors, face the terror of death and tell the tyrants that
their rule is unjust, unfair and despotic.

Courageous are those who have lost their fathers, brothers, husbands andsons, but despite the threats to
their lives, property, liberty and honor, they still refuse to submit to the regime of injustice. The regime of
injustice is the Government of India, the world's largest tyranny ruled by the repressive Brahman mind for whom
everyone else is aslave. The people who have refused to bow before the forces of evil are the Sikhs -- the real
Singhs -- the lions of Punjab."

Dr Khalid said that, the world is more educated about environmental pollution. It understands much more clearly
the threat to life posed by various kinds of pollutions, but it tends to neglect the real kind of pollution that is
suffocating humanity and tying human beings into the chains of bondage. Indeed, the pollution of slavery and
oppression is suffocating all citizens of the world. When we look around in India, we find corruption, exploitation
and other kinds of pollutions, but the pollution of bondage is really hurting the people of India, and this
deadliest poison deprives them of their liberty, dignity and will power.

The pollution of bondage is being ignored by the environmentalists, the criminologists and the imperialists. It
suffocates justice, freedom, human rights, civil liberties, democracy and the rule of law. The pollution of
oppression and slavery kills the truth, destroys peace and stifles equal justice.

Today, I feel honored that I am invited here in this august gathering to express my views on behalf of those
who represent the truth, who believe in serving humanity and who are the torchbearers of love, peace and

The story of Sikhs is the story of a people who have been chained in their own homes. Sikhs, in their own
homeland, are sacrificing their precious lives so that their children will not be killed by the repressive rulers.
They are dying because they do not want to live like slaves. Their plight can be understood by Moses who
sought freedom for his people from a Pharaoh. Their courage is the continuation of the same spirit that forced
the Nazis to give up their quest for racial superiority. Today India, which has been oppressing these brave
people for over a half century, represents the gross injustices of Pharaoh, the dark tyranny of Hitler and the
barbarism of Nero. The materialistic world, which gives preference to trade over human rights, promotes
commercialism and discourages humanitarianism, looks the other way when India, the so-called "world's largest
democracy," suppresses the voices of freedom, ignores the demands for equal justice and violates the civil
rights of over 21 million Sikhs. Any state, government, nation, or individual that does not support the just
cause of these oppressed people automatically becomes an accomplice in the murders, torture, rapes and
other high crimes that take place against the Sikhs, Kashmiris
and other minorities every day in India.

The Indian Government has murdered over 250,000 Sikhs since 1984, according to figures compiled by the
Punjab State Magistracy and human-rights organizations. These figures were published in The Politics of
Genocide by Inderjit Singh Jaijee. The Government of India also killed over 200,000 Christians in Nagaland, more
than 70,000 Kashmiri Muslims, and tens of thousands of Assamese, Manipuris, Tamils, Dalits, Indian-Muslims and
others since 1947, according to international human rights organizations.

The Punjab Government, which is instrumental in keeping the lions of Punjab in chains, is rewarded handsomely
by the Hindu-Indian Government in New Delhi to run the state machinery of torture and oppression. Millions of
dollars were given to the Punjab Police to maintain the killing fields in East Punjab. The U.S. State Department
reported that between 1991 and 1993 the Indian Government paid more than 41,000 cash bounties to police to
murder Sikhs. Amnesty International recently reported that there are thousands of political prisoners, including
prisoners of conscience, held in Indian jails without charge or trial.

Some Sikh political prisoners have been in this illegal detention since 1984. In November 1994, The Hitavada
reported that the Indian Government paid Surendra Nath, the late Governor of Punjab, $1.5 billion to organize
and support covert state terrorism in Punjab, Khalistan, and in Kashmir, which has been occupied by over
700,000 Indian troops. This is a well-established modus ope***** of the Indian Government.

The murders of Sikhs are so convenient for the Government of India that it pointed a finger at the Kashmiri
freedom fighters and the Pakistan Government to cunningly misinform and misguide visiting American President
Bill Clinton about the massacre of 35 Sikhs in Chati-Singhpura village of Indian-Occupied Kashmir. The massacre
of 35 innocent Sikh civilians was just another ploy in the bag of tricks of the Brahman-Hindu rulers who do not
believe in the rights of any other caste, creed, or race. Today, the Hindu-Indian rulers are struggling
very hard to turn Sikhs and Muslims against each other to kill two birds with one stone. If the Sikhs and
Muslims fall into this trap of the Hindu-Indian con-artists, then the Khalistan and the Kashmir liberation
struggles will be severely damaged, and the self-appointed and self-styled Hindu-Indian masters will continue
to control Sikhs and Kashmiris like their slaves. Dividing and using one section of India's population against the
other has been the most effective evil policy of Brahmanism.

To discredit the pure and genuine freedom struggle of 21 million Sikhs, the Hindu-Indian rulers are trying to
disinform the world that Pakistan is behind the Khalistan liberation movement. Unfortunately, the governments
of Pakistan, China, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Iran have not supported and promoted the Khalistan cause. If
only Pakistan and China had done so, then Khalistan (East Punjab) would have become an independent and
sovereign country by now. However, there is no doubt that all the Sikhs will be free one day and they will gain
their liberty, honor, civil rights and independence in Khalistan.

Just like Sikhs, Kashmiris are also fighting for their lives, property, liberty, honor, civil rights and freedom in their
own homeland, the Indian-Occupied Jammu & Kashmir state. Their freedom struggle is also being painted by the
Hindu-Indian rulers as a liberation movement sponsored by Pakistan. Kashmiris are honorable, dignified and
brave people. They will not allow themselves to be enslaved and misused by any power. The Kashmir freedom
cause is just and pure. That?s why today there is hardly a family in Indian-controlled Kashmir who has not lost
one of its relatives or friends in the Kashmir liberation struggle.

Kashmiri women are a fair game for the imperialist Army of India and the world has failed to listen to the
shrieks, screams and cries of innocent women and children that echo the Himalayan valleys.

The freedom-loving people had great hopes attached with President Clinton?s March 19-25 trip to the troubled
region of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. But they were extremely disappointed. The trade, commerce and
other business interests of the United States Government made President Clinton dumb, deaf and blind and as
a result the Democratic U.S. President miserably failed to speak out against the massive human rights abuses
and other high crimes committed against Sikhs and Kashmiris by the Hindu-Indian rulers and their Army, police,
security forces and armed agents. By remaining silent on the issues of Khalistan and Kashmir, the American
President not only endorsed the oppressive policies of the Hindu-Indian dictators, but also rejected the
principles of democracy and human rights enshrined in the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution.

President Clinton?s visit to India has worked against peace, harmony and justice in South Asia. Clinton?s tour
of India has contributed in enhancing the tensions between the warring nations of the South Asian region.
Clinton has started a new regional Cold War among the South Asian people by condoning Indian state terrorism
and the anti-human rights, anti-democracy and anti-justice policies, decisions and operations of the
Hindu-Indian rulers.

President Clinton's visit to India and his silence over the systematic human rights violations in India,
Indian-Occupied Khalistan and Indian-Occupied Kashmir have contributed in strengthening the unclean bloody
hands of the Hindu-Indian tyrants. I therefore urge you to join me in demanding that:

1. All those who have murdered hundreds of thousands of Sikhs, Kashmiris, Christians and other minorities in
India must be arrested, prosecuted and punished severely, and

2. That there must be a plebiscite in Kashmir (Kashmiri Land), Khalistan (Sikh Land) and Nagaland (Christian
Land) to grant total freedom and complete independence to all Sikhs, Kashmiris and Christians of India.

Ms Samita Narula, a researcher focused on South Asian issued for Human Rights Watch in New York, published
in the International Herald Tribune, Zurich, Switzerland, of 20th March, 2000. Ms Narula has discussed human
rights violations against India?s Christians, Muslims and Dalits, more commonly referred to as the
"untouchables." Ms Narula related the policies of the ruling right wing party of India, the Bhartiya Janata Party,
with the extremist right-wing party in Austria?s coalition government. Her coverage of events, such as the
burning of Christians, Indian apartheid, caste-based violations, unjustified arrests, political abuses, torture,
violations against political foes, and India?s use of draconian laws in the mid 1980s, are worth admiration.
However, the article has completely overlooked the indiscriminate killing of more than 260,000 innocent Sikh
infants, children, male and female folks, and youth, since June, 1984, in numerous genocides, fake or staged
encounters, pogroms and deliberate eliminations. 1-4.

Like Ms Narula?s article, the United Nations report "India Slammed for Human Rights Abuses in Worldwide Human
Rights Report 2000" covered human rights abuses of Christians, Dalits, Schedule castes, Muslims and women.6
However, it does not cover or provide any reference to the human rights abuses or violations of Sikhs? rights.
Both the Narula and United Nations reports prompt the following questions:

1. Are there no human rights violations of Sikhs in Punjab? (a Punjab presently under the occupation of
Terrorist India and its sycophants and cronies both inside and outside Punjab).

2. Have the human rights violations of Sikhs in Punjab been deliberately suppressed and excluded from both
reports for reasons known only to the writers of the reports?

3. Are there no people in the United Nations willing to take up the Sikhs? case of human, economical, social,
religious and political rights violations?

The Sikhs are a separate identity and they must not forget or overlook the teachings of their Guru Sahibans,
as inscribed in the eternal Guru, Adi Guru Granth Sahib: " Aape hee aapnne hathon kaaraj sab Savaariye, Jiske
Jiya Praan hai kion Sahib Mano Visaariye." According to Sahib Guru Gobind Singh ji, the 10th Master of Sikhs:
"Koi Kisee ko Raj Naa Deh hai, Jo bhi Leh hai Nij Bal Se Leh hai."

4. Sikhs, especially the young Sikhs, do not expect anything from the present New Delhi administration.

5. The Sikh problem is an international one and should be addressed by the international community, because
the Sikhs have rejected the Indian Constitution three times since its proclamation on 26th January, 1950.

The only way to stop the Indian administrations? brutality (more than 260,000 innocent infants, children,
youth, male and female folks killed since the "Operation Bluestar" of June, 1984), and human rights abuses for
the Sikhs of Punjab is to Regain their lost sovereignty and to restore their independence.

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