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A virtual Diwali in Rajoana's village

Sunday, April 01, 2012 | 0 Comments
RAJOANA: Balwant Singh Rajoana is a hero and a crusader for justice in his native village. The non-descript, sleepy hamlet of Rajoana, 30 km from Ludhiana, came to life on Wednesday evening when it became known that his hanging had been stayed.

The villagers burst crackers, distributed sweets and congratulated each other on Wednesday evening. The celebrations continued on Thursday, with langars being organized in the village.

These villagers also showed their happiness over the decision in the traditional way by lighting earthen lamps outside their houses at night.

Residents of nearby areas and some from outside the state visited Rajoana to congratulate the family of Balwant on Thursday. Some came there out of sheer curiosity.

"He has made all of us proud, people from across the country and abroad are coming to see his native village. I met him on Monday morning along with other villagers. He looked very strong," said Rajbir Singh, a former sarpanch.

The villagers has started praying for Rajoana the day Chandigarh court ordered his hanging.

''Fifty-five women and the same number of men from the village have been sitting and praying for the well-being of Rajoana," said 52-year-old Charanjeet Kaur.

Almost all houses in the village - which has a population of 4,000 - as well as trees bore saffron flags as a mark of support for Rajoana.

At his house, big banners with his messages had been put up. Balwants's elder brother Kulwant Singh, who was meeting visitors outside his house, said, ''We are thankful that the entire community stood by us and we support what ever Balwant wants. The stay on his hanging is quite a relief.''
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