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Express Punjab - HD Trailer[Uncensored] Drugs like terrorism ???????

Tuesday, June 05, 2012 | 0 Comments
Known, as the 'bread basket of India' Punjab is one of the most prosperous states in the country. But this prosperity has come at a price- a huge price. For it has brought with it an alarming increase in drug addicts made easier by being a stone's throwaway from the Indo-Pak border -this once vibrant countryside now lives in a dazed stupor. The image of the sturdy Punjabi boy with a bright turban on a tractor in the lush fields has become a picture of the distant past. The truth is that Punjab is in a grip of a drug epidemic -- and a main university in the region has claimed that a staggering 70% are estimated to be on drugs such as heroin, smack and pharmaceutical medical drugs. It is a problem that is threatening the future of the next generation. From the ages of 17 -- 87 the Punjabi men are destroying their lives and their families as this problem continues to be brushed under the carpet by a state that is in total denial. Express | Punjab takes a hard-hitting look at this phenomenon asking difficult questions such as why is this happening? How is it happening? What are the legal authorities doing to stem the tide of this ever-increasing crime? And to what extent is the police turning a blind eye and in some cases even colluding with the drug dealers? The documentary looks at the real human suffering that drug users cause and how their actions destroyed their families and relationships.
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