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Sadda Haq Punjabi Movie

Sunday, September 02, 2012 | 2 Comments
You must have heard Ranbir Kapoor's song "Sadda Haq Ethe Rakh" from film "Rockstar". But now it's time for "Sadda Haq" in Punjabi, a movie inspired from some true events which took place in Punjab during 80's and 90's and it will  present the true picture of those militant movement. This movie is going to be released in Oct. 2012. 

"History repeats itself unless we learn a lesson from it.its time to look back and know the true facts behind militant movement in Punjab". This is the reason behind the making of this film.
And very important, this film is not against any  community, religion or people. It will only represents the TRUTH. 
I think, we must appreciate the work done by the producer and the director and team congratulate them and wish them a very best of luck for their film. 

Here you can check out the posters of 'Sadda Haq'.

Official facebook page:
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