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Tezaab 1984 Ik Ardaas by Jassi Jasraj

Saturday, September 29, 2012 | 0 Comments
During the last few years we've seen a certain change in our Punjabi Music. No doubt, Punjabi Insdustry has experienced ups and downs. But in the last few years punjabi singers have become more realistic. From time to time, a lot of good singers have shown their preoccupation towards Punjab, Punjabi and Punjabiat. For example, writer turned singer Raj Kakra ji released two albums called "Punjabio! Chidi Ban Ne K Baaj" and "e Bharat". We all know It was not a commercial album but Kakra ji only did this for Punjab, for our community. There are many more singers.
This time Jassi Jasraj has come up with his latest song called TEZAAB 1984: IK ARDAAS. The official video was released a few days ago. In only 2 days, this video has almost 65000 views on youtube and almost 1600 likes. WOW!! That's a great achievement! Good works are always appreciated by people and this is one of them. We all know, singng this kind of song in Punjab is very risky. But Jassi Jasraj did it without any fear.
I must clear one thing here, Jasraj isn't against anyone. He is just trying to tell us the facts, the reality we have forgotten. Some people didn't even know what happened in 1984, in 2002 or 2008. Whatever happened with them, could happen to us or (better said) can happen to us. One thing he makes sure in his song that he beleives in unity of all religions in India. Here we are sharing the official video and the poster of his album.
Click on the picture to enlarge it.
The song is available on itunes, I request to all viewers to buy it and appreciate Jasraj's work. 
Listen to the full album Tezaab 1984 (mp3 songs)

Here is some extra information about this song. We are also giving you Jassi Jasraj's facebook and twitter address. You can send your opinions and share your views. 
Listen to the full album
Song:Tezaab 1984-Ik Ardaas
Singer/Lyrics/Desi Rapper: Jassi Jasraj
Commentary: S. H.S.Phoolka(Sr. Advocate Supreme Court of India)
Music: DJ William & Jassi Jasraj
Label:Jasraj Records

Facebook account:


Your opinions are very valuable for us. Please share your opinions by commenting. Let us and other viewers know what do you think about this song. But I request, before leaving any comment listen to this song and try to understand what message Jassi Jasraj is trying to get across. Do you think this kind of songs can help the victims of 1984, 2002 and 2008 to get justice?

Have a lovely day ahead!
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